Tony Tavener has been with the Centre since 1970, along with a change in name from “Photographic Repair Services”, in 1974 he purchased the Centre and took up the role of manager of Camera Repair Centre at it’s original location in 82 Shortmarket Street, Maynard House.

In 1998 Camera Repair Centre moved to Dental House, 165 Longmarket Street where the public still received the same face-to-face service direct from the technicians responsible for the repairs.

Tony Tavener started his career as a technician at Carl Zeiss Scientific Instruments in New Cavendish Street London W1.

After two and a half years he commenced work for Wallice Heaton, photographic supplier to the Queen, 127 New Bond Street London W1.

Arriving in beautiful Cape Town in 1970, Tony worked as a technician at Photographic Repair Services, 82 Maynard House, Shortmarket Street.

Four years of faithful service saw him taking over the reigns as owner.

The now Camera Repair Centre has been his pride and joy, and under his capable management to the present day.

Camera Repair Centre boasts a large display of cameras depicting developments in photography throughout the years, as well as a range of guaranteed second hand cameras and accessories. The Centre specialises in Pentax 6X7 Polariod conversions, plastic moulding knobs, shafts, gears etc.